Australian Defence Force Cycling (ADF Cycling) was established in 2004/5 to promote cycling within Defence. The club is affiliated with AusCycling. The club currently has over 900 members who have competed in some of Australia's most important bike races in all disciplines.

Originally a discipline under the Australian Services Triathlon Association, cyclists felt under-represented and so sought independence from ASTA in 2004. Initially established only as a road cycling club, the ADFCC (as it was then) recognised the strength and common interests of the Defence MTB community (at that time, a community without a club) and sought in 2006 to affiliate with MTBA in order to better represent the fastest-growing segment of the cycling community.

Although ADF Cycling does not hold any regular races, it does conduct National championships annually including Road, MTB, Track, BMX and Cyclocross disciplines.  In 2007 the ADFCC team won the Arafura Games teams sportsmanship prize and strongly represented Defence cycling.

The club is still in a relative infancy and continues to pursue avenues of development. The club's approach is two-pronged:

- to develop 'grass-roots' cycling support within Defence and grow the membership base of ADF Cycling by supporting the majority of club members at events they want to participate in, and
- to represent Defence at the elite level by supporting high-performing cyclists in the best manner possible.

This approach is still being refined and the ultimate goals include producing Combined Services ADF Cycling teams to compete at the National level in road, track and MTB racing.

For the majority of club members, however, the main goal is to have fun, be fit and keep in touch with friends in the cycling community, no matter where they are located. With ADF Cycling members spread across all three Services and a presence at virtually every major Defence facility in Australia, ADF Cycling continues to promote cycling as a healthy sporting and recreational pursuit and environmentally conscious pastime.


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