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In 2004, visionary members of the Australian Defence Force approached the ADF Sports Council to make cycling a Defence recognised sport.

A club was then established in 2004 to promote cycling within Defence.

This club  has had a few name changes over the years to reflect the state of affairs within the Defence environment, and is now known as ADF Cycling.

ADF Cycling is affiliated with Cycling Australia, Mountain Bike Australia and BMX Australia.

It currently has around 1300 members, and competes in most of Australia's biggest bike races in all disciplines.

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Uploading images to your stable is really quite easy, you just need to know where to look.

To start with, click on the Home menu and then Your Profile

Then edit your profile by clicking on the Edit menu and Update Your Profile

Then click on the tab labeled The Stable

On the tab you'll space to write a little something about your bikes and room to upload up to five images of your bikes.

Just click on the drop down box to see the option of Upload a new image to your profile and follow the instructions from there.

Oh and don't forget to click the Update button at the bottom when you have finished.

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