ADF Cycling wear uniforms manufactured by Cuore and DHaRCO.

Cuore will supply road and XC outfits, including gloves, jackets and warmers. DHaRCO will supply long sleeve t-shirt style jerseys.

These stores will open for short periods of time, at various stages throughout the year. The order window will be open for a few weeks at a time.

These ordering periods will be advertised on this websites forums, the DRN cycling forum page and also on the Alpha Delta Foxtrot Cycling Facebook page.

Once the cut off for that order is passed you will have to wait till the next order.

There may be a chance that the manufacturer will make a few extras in popular sizes but we cannot guarantee that this will occur.

Order cut off dates are noted under the link for each shop.  


The Cuore Store is open until after the error issues are resolved.

If you have issues trying to order, please email the ADF Cycling inbox.

Once the issue has been rectified we will contact you so you can submit your order.



*Cuore uniforms can be customised during the ordering process*


DHaRCO Jerseys

DHaRCO orders are now closed.

The next order window might be in August-ish.


Any questions regarding uniforms from either company can be directed to the uniform rep - or alternatively  - 

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In 2004, visionary members of the Australian Defence Force approached the ADF Sports Council to make cycling a Defence recognised sport.

A club was then established in 2004 to promote cycling within Defence.

This club  has had a few name changes over the years to reflect the state of affairs within the Defence environment, and is now known as ADF Cycling.

ADF Cycling is affiliated with Cycling Australia, Mountain Bike Australia and BMX Australia.

It currently has around 1300 members, and competes in most of Australia's biggest bike races in all disciplines.

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