Somebody raised the bar......... The event started off well and I was able to get into a group of riders after some group hopping. The group performed well all the way to Rockley mountain, where the elites play KOM, and the mere mortals enter the world of pain.

I managed to climb reasonably well, and reformed with another even faster group for the descent to Bathurst. Anyway back to the first statement about raising the bar...Last year I qualified for the worlds gran condo with a time of 3 hours and 33 mins being in the top 25% of my age group. This year I was about 23 mins faster over the 110 Klm with a time of 3hr 10mins and some seconds, with an average speed of 34+ km/ hr. I came 61st  out of 180 people in my age group. So no qualification for Stan this year.

It was great to see some ADF riders on the road, and as always it is good to represent the ADF. Thanks for supporting this event, because it has grown significantly in the last few years both in participant numbers exposure, and level of competition.

cheers from ........Stan



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