Although this ride is run the day after the main event, It aint no recovery ride...... Despite being only 57 Klm the ride is over undulating hills that although are not too steep, rise gradually for some distance making it a very hard day out. The day started for me quite well. I was sitting in my group and following through taking turns at the front until the first intermediate sprint came into view, and just like last year I took off with another rider but got done to the line by about three metres. Anyways I kept going all on my lonesome, I kept going and going and going until I came across the second intermediate sprint which I got because there was nobody around. ( I was in the group given a 20.00 min handicap). Then I kept going and going and going until I was caught by other riders, either the elites or other handicapped groups. I was subsumed into several groups of riders until the finish line which was an uphill finish. This culminated into a very sore leg day for Stan because I had a weeks leave prior, but I felt that I rode well. Although this was not an ADF supported event, it was good to represent the ADF, and participate in another Cycling NSW race.

Cheers from....Stan

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