Well what a day it was....This event started with a great depart from Blayney. I knew it would be tough because the pace was on from the start. I managed to keep in the main group over just about the entire course until we came to a junction where the short course peoples merged with the long course peoples. Due to the light rain during the event, it made for a slippery course and there were quite a few accidents along the way. Where the two courses merged was no exception, and soon after there was an accident on a narrowing of the road. (My average speed was about 37 Kph for the event,so our group was moving quite quickly during this merging). I was separated from the main group at this chaotic point just before the rocklea mountain climb. As always, the sign at the bottom of the climb was there. "The pain starts here". I successfully managed the climb and headed for Bathurst with two ladies on my wheel. I finally made it with a time of 2:58:32 for the 110Klm course. Incidently my group 55-59 Male was about 5min slower than the elites, and 5min faster than the 19-31yo, as an indication of our speed during the event. I am sure that I qualified in my age group for the World Masters Gran Fondo with this result (Yet to be confirmed by mail invite to event) so am pleased with my efforts.

It was great to see other members of the ADFCC at this event, and as always great to represent Defence at such a high profile ride.

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Stanislaw Filipek's Avatar
Stanislaw Filipek replied the topic: #3969 3 weeks 5 days ago
Thanks Uppo,
Simon Upton's Avatar
Simon Upton replied the topic: #3968 4 weeks 8 minutes ago
Great write up Stan.
Good to see you're still highly competitive in your age group and the general population
Stanislaw Filipek's Avatar
Stanislaw Filipek replied the topic: #3967 4 weeks 2 days ago
Thanks Steve
Steve Sutton's Avatar
Steve Sutton replied the topic: #3966 4 weeks 2 days ago
Nice work, was hoping to compete this year but had already locked in a trip to Brisbane.
Stanislaw Filipek's Avatar
Stanislaw Filipek replied the topic: #3965 1 month 2 hours ago
Waiting official news regarding qualification for World Masters Gran Fondo.

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