Finally the weekend weather improved just in time for this event. It was a sunny day and I had been anticipating competing in this event for a while, and when I registered for the limit group (because it is a handicapped race) I was surprised that I was placed two groups higher than what I envisaged. Nevertheless the race started, and everyone was keen to be ahead of the elite group which started later. My group was travelling along at quite a pace over the undulating terrain around Cootamundra. After being caught by another group, our groups amalgamated and continued on at a higher pace than before. We were advised by the race officials that we were six minutes ahead of the elites at about the 65 Klm mark of the course.

But at about the 73 Klm distance I was in the leading group in the middle rear of the bunch when I didn't see a sharp pot hole and rode into it at speed, this caused both my tyres to deflate instantly and it was race over for Stan. I was picked up by a race official and ferried back to the start/finish line. But over the race radio I heard that the group that I just left was holding on to a six minute lead over the elite bunch. Eventually a rider from my group won the race outright together with other riders from my group. I guess that's racing.

Although this was not a ADFCC supported event, as always it was great to represent Defence at such an iconic and important race (every year since the1950s) on the calendar, and good to meet up with fellow defence riders.


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