2020 Ipswich 100


Signed up for my first ride as part of the ADFCC, thought the Ipswich 100 would be a nice way to start the year but only the 100. Unfortunately missed the team photo, thanks google maps, but the rest of the team were doing the 160 anyway so started 30 minutes earlier. After getting the larger group of racers out of the Ipswich city, the bunches began to form and settled into a bunch near the front setting a descent pace between 30 – 35km. Didn’t bother stopping at the first rest stop at the 25km mark while the legs were still fresh. This is where the gusting 50 km hour head winds really started to bite especially when doing turns on the front of what was becoming a declining bunch size. The rolling hill climbs seemed to destroy what was left of the bunch. Definitely stopped at the 50km rest station for some much needed carbs and hydration. It was at this point that if I was doing the 160 I definitely would have turned left for the easier 100. Off again into the rolling hills trying to find some respite from the heads winds in whatever bunch you could. After finally getting to the 75km rest station for some more carbs the legs were definitely paying for the head winds. The final 25km was all solo but it was mostly a tail wind so maintained a good pace of 40km. Overage speed was 27.3km which is not too bad considering the winds and hills and finished in 3hr 40 min. Thanks to the ADFCC for supporting the event.  


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