Ipswich 100 Event.

Fun Filled 50 - the half size event.

7th place

Time 1:45:12. Ave speed 29.1km/h.


Due to posting up to Amberley and lots of rain in the recent weeks, my time on the bike has been very light on and so I went into this event with a low level of fitness and very realistic expectations.

After weaving through the eager E-mountain bikers and flat bar hopefuls who placed themselves at the front of the start line, I was part of the lead group of 6 who worked together until Walloon (13km).

Another joined soon after, but the pace was a little too much for me, so I had dropped slightly off the back by the time we reached the rest stop at Rosewood ( 21km).

Everyone stopped for a quick chat for a few minutes about the early part of the race and then I made the big mistake of the race - I foolishly let them take off again without me. It was only about 10-20 seconds (about the same time they beat me into the rest stop) but it was enough to make a difference and I watched them slowly ride off into the distance, leaving me to ride the remaining 29km on my own.

With about 15km to go I noticed my left hood had moved downwards a little bit and could be moved with a small amount of force, so I had to compromise my favourite “on the hoods” riding position.

After not seeing a single rider in front or behind since about 30km, I finally saw someone at the top of the hill in Wulkuraka. While I never caught them, it did give me a little burst of energy for the remaining 5km.

I’ll definitely be back next year, hopefully with a bit more riding time in the lead up an just maybe I can stick with the leaders for the whole thing (and then get dropped in the sprint for the line)

This is a great event for all riders. 





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